Luca Cicchitti


2012: diploma of osteopathy 

2012: voluntary work as a pediatric osteopath in Kinshasa (RDC).

2013: research fellow and tutor in AIOT, Pescara osteopathic school.

Since 2011, he has started to use the osteopathic approach in newborn babies hospitalized in NICU, first as a student and then as a tutor.

He published 3 articles in the osteopathic field: author of Chronic inflammatory disease and osteopathy: a systematic review; co-author of Osteopathic manipulative treatment and pain in preterms: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial. / The paradox of sham therapy and placebo effect in osteopathy: A systematic review.

Attendance in neonatal congresses in Italy, Turkey (“4th Congress of the European Academy of Paedriatics Societies”_Istanbul) and Spain (“3rd World Congress on Controversies in Pediatrics”_Barcellona).

2017: director of the AIOT research department









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